28 Aug

Sometimes I really wish to write in english, but boorish innocence of writing in hindi just keeps me stuck to writing in hindi…

These few lines are on time, threads of time. Well time has been compared with various objects, time is both continuous as well as ephemeral, its the way you look at it. These lines are on the continuity of time…

धागे है, यह रेशे है, यह कैसे है,
इन्हें बहने दो...
कच्चे है, छोटे है, जैसे भी है,
रोको न इन्हें, बहने दो...

फिर उन्ही रंगों से रंगे, नाज़ुक है,
इन्हें सजने दो...
इतराते है, बलखाते है, फूस-फुसाते है,
यह समय के है, मन-मर्ज़ी इन्हे करने दो...

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