Bhojpuri Pop – A defining genre.

21 Jan

Where was I, when all of it was brewing? Why am I having this cold coffee now? At 3:30 am in night, I am watching bhojpuri pop song after song. I want to laugh, but all I can come up is some severely restrained laughter, coming in form of air pumping and silent head banging; as I my room-mate is supposedly asleep.

One serious thought that came to is regarding the appropriateness of these songs, which are filled with sexual innuendos, being published far bellow the eye sight of any sort of censoring body. Not that they require any sort of censorship, but similar stuff may not pass through censor bodies present for mainstream media in India.

They are a sociological puzzle to me… and I guess if I continue watching them then I may decide to drop out from my masters program and take Film Studies program or apply for PhD in film and cultural studies.

I guess it is the intention to display brazen sexuality under some sort of restrain that make these video funny. About the wordings, well that somehow reflects the society or treads societal needs. Whatever; as a note to untrained ears, I want to tell you that the guys in this videos are not singing about homosexuality, they are straight guys singing about their lust for two beautiful women who are ripe for some sort of consumption.

For me it is important to not to fall in ‘feminism’ trap, which I believe will not allow me to look at these videos as objectively as I want to. To me these videos, specially the one posted along with this post are commentary on suppressed male sexuality than anything else. But then again, such a view limits the understanding of environment in which ‘Bhojpuri Pop’ is being produced, and honestly I am ill equipped to pass a judging comment.

So, I will take leave and leave you with the video that made me laugh, because of its wordings, singing, production quality, and imagining how a person without the understanding of the language might perceive this song.


One Response to “Bhojpuri Pop – A defining genre.”

  1. kriti trivedi January 24, 2012 at 1:46 am #

    OMG ye kya hai bhai bachao koi humare desh ko

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