Random Lines

12 Mar

Decided to pen few lines before starting with some serious work. Well, these are definitely romantic, but they arent written for someone specific. This reminds me of a latest conversation with my friend.

My Friend: Man, you write poems, that is impressive.

Me: Nah! I dont think so, but yeah sometimes I feel I write good.

My Friend: Its good tool to impress girls.

Me: I write in Hindi…

My Friend: Ohh…is that bad?

Me: I guess so. I am still single.

Meanwhile, enjoy these lines.

वोह आंसुओं में भी सागर को ढूंड लेते है,
वोह हालात-ऐ-दिल को अपनी चुनर में समेट लेते है,
वोह तो खुदा है इस बेज़ार दिल के,
ठगी है यह उनकी की वोह हमसे बेहतर हमको समझ लेते है…


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