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Rakhi, Gift and Premchand

13 Aug

This is going to be my first rakhi (raksha bandhan) without my sister. In retrospect this was inevitable but nevertheless I am surely entitled to feel bad about it and also missing my sister. Gifts are integral part of rakhi, and therefore I will have to buy something for my sister prior to going back to India. Meanwhile I will also buy some stuff for my mother and father as well.

– – –

What does one do after waking up on the morning of rakhi?

I dont know, what others do but I started looking for gifts. After spending some 30 minutes I realize that for almost 25 minutes I am only looking at knives, sharpest, best, meanest knives, that my mom or sister can use. Though knives are not considered as good gift, still, german and japanese knives are exciting enough to break the taboo associated with knives as gifts.

– – –

My search of knives (some costing fortune) reminded me of Idgah (hindi/english summary) written by Munshi Premchand. Premchand is without any doubt one of the best writers ever born on the face of this planet, and Idgah happens to be one of the stories that I like very much (but almost forgot the name). Overall I find myself inept to truly appreciate Premchand, because of his stories’ intensity and societal reflection that they carry.

Idgah (often in abridged form) is part of Hindi courses nationwide in India. So that was the first time I read this, and from then on it stuck with me. Its a story of a boy living with his grandmother in tough economical conditions. Grandmother out of her love, somehow arranges some money for her grandson to spend in village fair. Boys despite of buying a toy or spending money on food buys a fire tong for his grandmother. What follows next in the story, which cannot be captured in a summary is conversation between this boy and his friend, where after being mocked by his friends on buying fire tong he retorts and establish the superiority of his fire tong over other toys.

Story further ends emotionally where grandmother is bemused by the choice of her grandson and reproach him for same. Boys then rationalizes his odd decision in all honesty that he bought the gift because he saw her getting her hands burnt while cooking.

The contrast in rationale is something that underlines the beauty of this story for me. Boys reasoning during the bickering among his friends and the honest admission at the end is what makes this story wonderful, pleasing, and lachrymal.

– – –

I dont feel that my desire to buy knives is as honest as that of the boy in story as my desire is also rooted in my geeky nature and love for exciting and fine tools (materials and design included), but then I can also not deny the impact of this story on me, one that will always be there.

If you happen to be a person knowing hindi and havent read this story then I will advise you to do so and for english (any other language) speaking individuals – try to find an english translation, I will do same and post the link whenever I find one.


Gandhi ji’s Talisman…

2 Oct

“I will give you a talisman. Whenever you are in doubt, or when the self becomes too much with you, apply the following test. Recall the face of the poorest and the weakest man [woman] whom you may have seen, and ask yourself, if the step you contemplate is going to be of any use to him [her]. Will he [she] gain anything by it? Will it restore him [her] to a control over his [her] own life and destiny? In other words, will it lead to swaraj [freedom] for the hungry and spiritually starving millions?
Then you will find your doubts and your self melt away.”

One thing that stuck with me for all these years from my school text books…and its one of the reason why I am here in US…but then thats a long story… 🙂

So, I Move.

4 Aug

A new post, after long time. This post marks an end as well as a beginning. Life is very much like Da Vinci’s sfumato paintings, where two different shades do not have a clear marking between them and colors fuse with each other. Life like it does not have any clear demarkation between any two phases of life. C’est La Vie.

This post is strictly for those who already know me, as it would make sense to them only.

So it begins like this…

Among the greatest things which are found among us the existence of ‘nothing’ is greatest and among the greatest we can create, our ‘dreams’ are greatest. There is nothing better than trying to fill nothing with a dream and there is nothing so difficult. Questioning is a basic nature of human being, and it is personally my favorite thing. I have always believed that, success isn’t created by finding the best solution, but is found by asking the best question. Such moments do not come often, and most of the time we just have to strive to create an environment for such moments.

It is awesomely interesting, that how our lives are intertwined with each other and yet so different and disparate. How much we all think alike and still have approaches that are widely distant. We all were together at some point of time in our lives, not just because we were thrown in same pot (i.e. college, school, some convention etc) but because we were very much like each other. I have long felt that man is what his choices are, choices one makes lead to what he becomes. And I chose to be your friend and you chose to be mine. But then in themselves choices arent good or bad, and they are just plain decisions. It eventually zeroes on what we want to make of our choices. At different points in life, we are suppose to take some decisions, among them career will rank among top five any day for anybody.

I have decided to move my base to US for next two years, for the purpose of getting a masters degree from US. I have opted for Masters in Public Affairs from Indiana University, Bloomington. For the very same reason that I got to know my friends, for the similarity which I share in some respect or other with them, I firmly believe that this choice wont sound as crazy to them as it might to others who just know me. To know more about the course, university and place where I am going, I would suggest you to google or wiki it. From my side I can surely tell you that I am excited about what is about to come in next – newer set of challenges and great experience.

So, the 4 Years…

One of the finest and brightest 4 years of my life. Undergraduate life is surely exciting and worth remembering. I wont compare it with school life because nature and temperament of both are different. I can satisfactorily say that I made some great friends in these 4 years. I was privileged enough to study in a wonderful institution, where there were distinct type of challenges, some of them being very typical. These challenges amounted to equally large number of learning opportunities. I studied in a branch which I liked to my core and under teachers who were not just good in teaching but kind and lovable.

I never thought it at the beginning of these 4 years that I would be feeling nostalgic about my engineering college, the way I am feeling right now. Truth is and will always be that there is now a bond between UIT and me, and this is probably what it was meant to be. 4 Years of engineering has left me more excited than I was before joining engineering. To sum up I can say that once an UITian is always an UITian. UIT-RGPV may not currently sound like IITs or NITs but if we as student keep on doing great things, then sooner or later it will sound like them or may sound much better to every ear.

So, what lies ahead…

I am not a person who plan too much in advance. I only envision future. I believe in planing for the day and living that day in the most efficient manner. So, what lies ahead is something that I cannot paint right now. I will let chickens rest in their eggs. It is always exciting to see brilliant things panning out in front of you on daily basis. My experience say that if you are doing your daily job in right manner with a vision of future in mind, then eventual painting comes out nice and beautiful, those chicken hatch out healthy.

So, things will change…

Things will surely change. There will be difference in time zone. From +5:30, I will be moving to -5:00. From tropical to temperate. Latitude and longitude will also change. We will soon be finding each other online at odd hours. But one thing will probably not change… a green dot…before my name…

Change is inevitable, and if you prepare nicely change is enjoyable. We have prepared hard by being online for long hours, in months and years to come we will be reaping benefit of being plugged. In years to come we will see, we will feel that world has really gone flat, shrunk and even with 10hour time lag we are with each other as much as we were before.

Stay Green. 🙂

What should I write after four years?

10 Jun

After removing some cobwebs from this blog and cleaning some dust, its time to begin once again. To be honest, as I have always been on this blog, I first thought of writing something intelligent and something really emotional, very much like a departing note for all my friends. But then I found myself incompetent to portray those emotions, as much as I am to portray them personally. So I threw that idea out of my window. Then I thought of writing some rant, which I am pretty good at, but then that wouldnt have sounded appropriate as this juncture.

People are moving out, they are going to their home towns. Few are moving to their next educational destinations. Congratulations to them for successfully (touch wood) completing their engineering and then selecting a wonderful career path. Few friends will be joining few of the best MBA programs of country, many would be joining best corporate houses, some would be hopping to odd branches for their next flight. Once again, this all makes me happy. Because after 10 years down the line, there can be no better pleasure than seeing your old mate in a position wherein he or she is making a difference to the society.

We might have loved it or not…we might have crawled through or hopped through our course, but we reached to our destinations. And now, after great contemplation (almost a night; as I stopped writing after first paragraph), I am more than sure that I have nothing to write after four years.

Yes, all these four years of engineering were eventful in their own terms. I certainly met few of the best people I have ever came in contact with. Many of them were and are extremely intelligent, creative and nice human beings. Still I find myself unable to write about them. And these four years seem nothing but fleck of time on the time line.

But I am terrible in saying goodbyes, as I am a hope-star, I hope that we all will remain in contact.

C’est La Vie.

So this post is for nothing but say thanks to all those who made my four years wonderful in their own ways.

Best of luck for your future…

And yeah… some big announcements are on their way from my side…and yes, I will post few more things in time to come.

All externals dead…

31 May
They were charming, they were intelligent and yet I see them dead…they are my externals…just the exams not the examiners…
now there are only few days left for theory exams and am I game…dont know…
I dont have much to write today, but one thing is for sure we need to work really hard…

3 Externals Down…and few pieces of news…

29 May
So last few days werent that happening besides me preparing for externals (practicals) and then there was some news regarding my Sisters visit to Grand Canyon, and I have only got tip of iceberg today(only few photos) till now. And my driving stint..
1>> 3 rd external like all others was good, he didnt asked much question and was straight forward with the theoretical part, all in all I wish him good life, since he didnt made my life any worse.
Now I have two day gap for my third external, which is off course the toughest one, of electrical machines. And then there is a sessional (house work) to be submitted to VT (HOD, EX).
2>> Didi had a wonderful trip to Gran Canyon and she is at present using my camera to fullest and though I do feel the need of a camera in my pocket but I can bear the pain for the happiness that she is taking few good photographs.
3>> I hit a cycle rider just 15 minutes back. Driving is my new passion and I was only driving passionately I dont know how that cycle rider came in to the way, car struck him sideways and oops…he fell down and so did my side view mirror.

I dont think there is any more news to share but all in all this week is going nicely…

Ciao for Now…

So here I go…

27 May
Another External down…this was a cake walk. As I wrote yesterday external wont be there with more than 24hrs Linux experience, no matter how learned he or she may be. Reason being Linux is still a Geek’s OS and not the one which is in general use, neither there are softwares which can make your shift to Linux when you can get best softwares for pennies.
In this case it was a she, and I think she didnt had more than 8hrs experience, pathetic it may seem but was entertaining to me. I can say all this because the questions which were asked to me were all easy and covered the basics and the most important part of linux, what is linux and what makes it different and how is it installed on computer. All were answered by me as I recently installed Ubuntu on my computer, thats why it is said that having practical knowledge makes all the difference.
Now tomorrow is EDC II, which expands to electronics devices and circuits, which I am surely going to study as it holds a great deal of importance on my personal front, its just that I love this topic, though I may not perform well as it sometimes require lot of mugging but who cares when you love something…

Is there anything else to tell….Hmm yes.
I am thinking of going for industrial training, and I am being able to zero on one location. But what am I looking for…

It should be related to electrical and electronics (nearly every industry is)
It should be in some beautiful place (worth for a vacation, must be photogenic){{the most important}}
It should be well connected by bus and train.

Though I will prefer some place out of Bhopal and one which is worth a vacation in itself, but I have few other things in mind and thats the reason I am confused. If we are not going to get ample holidays this time then it could be a problem if I decide to go somewhere else than Bhopal. And at present I do not know the number of days which we shall get as for holidays. So the confusion stands…but there is still some time for the decision to be made.
I dont think there is any thing more to be written for today at least.

Water Cooler

24 May
Nearly half of summer is gone and I have been steaming in 40+ degree centigrades in my room…
And now on 24th of May…I got my cooler fixed. God is always great…
What is more green and better, a water cooler in present condition when water is closing in to become a scarce commodity, or air conditioner which is electricity hungry unit? I really don’t have time to think out a proper technically sound answer, but its good for a tiny research…maybe for next summer.

Happy Birthday to Me

22 May
Today is my Brithday and it seems really nice to grow up…and now I am 21…and what I arry are few dreams, few realities…and some life.

assorted thoughts as I am going crazy.

2 May

I am presently going through writers block, last thing which i completed was in march, a story which I think was written quite nicely. Since then there has been no poems nothing going great on other fronts too. Even my technical blog also holds a deserted feeling. I dont know, what has happened to me. I am not writing now a days, though it has to do with exams but more than that it has to do with few other things also. Lot has happened since I wrote my last post and still I can not remember what has happened and up on that I do not feel like writing. I feel that I should write more often, I need to compress few thing into one post.
One more thing on which I am contemplating is to bring in technical posts on this blog. But since this blog is more in literary feeling, I doubt it would be a good read or not. Fundamentally I need to make my mind on various matters. Whether it is about college or my studies or my personal life. There are lot of things which are to be handled and that too quite carefully. First thing first…but what is first….
EXAMS…obviously…will do it…there is no doubt…there has to be something which is going to bring lot of change into coming days…and I can feel it…so its a fact that I am going crazy…and more than that I dream of beautiful girls dancing in front of a mad elephant…now you can say that I must be dreaming bad…eating bad…oops…once again a 11pm fits are catching hold of me…I must end it right here…else…i am in love with a girl whose height I do not know…haa…but what does height have to do with the love…oh..I am fooling you around…man if I do not end it here and you are still reading it then its sure that there are more crazier people than me..and one of them it you…