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Bhojpuri Pop – A defining genre.

21 Jan

Where was I, when all of it was brewing? Why am I having this cold coffee now? At 3:30 am in night, I am watching bhojpuri pop song after song. I want to laugh, but all I can come up is some severely restrained laughter, coming in form of air pumping and silent head banging; as I my room-mate is supposedly asleep.

One serious thought that came to is regarding the appropriateness of these songs, which are filled with sexual innuendos, being published far bellow the eye sight of any sort of censoring body. Not that they require any sort of censorship, but similar stuff may not pass through censor bodies present for mainstream media in India.

They are a sociological puzzle to me… and I guess if I continue watching them then I may decide to drop out from my masters program and take Film Studies program or apply for PhD in film and cultural studies.

I guess it is the intention to display brazen sexuality under some sort of restrain that make these video funny. About the wordings, well that somehow reflects the society or treads societal needs. Whatever; as a note to untrained ears, I want to tell you that the guys in this videos are not singing about homosexuality, they are straight guys singing about their lust for two beautiful women who are ripe for some sort of consumption.

For me it is important to not to fall in ‘feminism’ trap, which I believe will not allow me to look at these videos as objectively as I want to. To me these videos, specially the one posted along with this post are commentary on suppressed male sexuality than anything else. But then again, such a view limits the understanding of environment in which ‘Bhojpuri Pop’ is being produced, and honestly I am ill equipped to pass a judging comment.

So, I will take leave and leave you with the video that made me laugh, because of its wordings, singing, production quality, and imagining how a person without the understanding of the language might perceive this song.


‘Cowboys and Aliens’ and where are the werewolves?

8 Aug

Once again, just to tell, I left the job of movie critiquing before even joining it. Reason being, critiquing movies is for retards. I like almost every movie and can almost find a reason to puke on any movie. I used ‘almost’, just to save myself from any legal obligation whatsoever. Meanwhile this is second time I am writing about a movie in summer, last one was Transfromers 3. Though I watched Harry Potter (God knows what part it was) but didnt bothered myself to write about it. So a one line p’view on Harry Potter – It was suppose to end so they ended it and end never felt so better. Then I also watched Captain America, highest grossing super hero flick of the summer. Just before end credits started, I thought like, ‘Oh! Now the real movie will start…’, but then came end credits.

Now lets come to Cowboys and Aliens. First it is a sham name, it is Cowboys Indians and Aliens. Not the Indian as in IT Indians, but the Indians who were mistook as Indians. This movie left a strange feeling in me, and that is, I can make a movie that will be Cats and Aliens or Bears and Aliens and almost anything and aliens. But I must appreciate the director for presenting the most beautiful alien ever produced in known universe of filmmaking.

I think the laugh of me and my friend summarized the movie aptly at the end – the laugh was hiding a question, Why? Why this?

Closer dissection of ‘why?’ will reveal a unique conundrum of ‘why not anything else?’. Why didnt they pitch vampires against aliens, or werewolves against aliens or better, Chinese immigrants against Aliens? I dont know about the performance of this movie on the box office, but I want it to be successful so that I can see what all combinations I mentioned in coming years as a part of successful movie line.

Transformers – Moon is not a moon

3 Jul

Michael Bay just out-thought Hollywood and was closest Hollywood ever came to Bollywood in imagination and only character I felt bad about – yeah Shia Labeuf.

Now, I never, almost never write film reviews because I think most of the movies are good and if movie is bad then they are not worth discussing about. So this one is not a review, this is just what this movie is (isnt that a review?)

Coming back to Transformer’s 3rd edition.

Michael bay just kept coming at you for 2 1/2 hours, first he came slowly, then more frequently…and by the time plot reaches to Chicago (not any other city and why Chicago?) and by the time things end in Chicago you want to visit Chicago to check if everything is alright over there or not.

That actress… she does such a wonderful thing… mind blowing different that she just outshines every other character in the movie. I wont tell what she did, but the way she talked through Megatron. It was just mind blowing stuff which could have been only pulled off by director like…yes you guessed it right Michael Bay who never kept a single figment of robotic imagination at bay.

Unimaginable robotic warfare, and every robotic character got due credit and role and footage and mileage at the cost of humans. Well you got to give something to be saved. Michael Bay just continued his imagination to the extend where Newton (yes the scientist guy) will feel why he wasnt brain raped before he came up with the gravity equation. But then, this is something we should be ready to accept for saving a world from Meredith Grey’s husband who is annoyed for God knows what, and he wont even become President of US.

Only character, where I think Michael Bay, faltered a bit was that of Sentinel Prime whose beard it seems was inspired from Jack Sparrow’s beard.

Movie had no story, but had a soul. I think critics who harp about lack of story are just trying to be intelligent and know nothing about movie making (that is why they are not directors – dont you dare talk about division of labor concept).  If you have a kid living inside you, and you ever loved toys, figurines then you will live this movie through the eyes of Michael Bay. He had his last shot, he lived it large (read – long). Go out there in the best theatre out there in your town, watch Transformers 3 and if you are Indian in India then shout your heard out, Indian in US, through few punches in air (though be quiet), American in US then just giggle and keep your claps for last minute and credits, and finally an American in India – Hey what are you doing there?

Meanwhile, I liked it because it was imaginative and robogasmic.

One last thing, if there would have been a Gandhi character in Transformer’s movie – he would have transformed into… Bicycle.

When love beckons a fight…

12 Jun

If I say that one of my friend is in love, seriously in love and wishes to marry her. This all may sound too obvious. But there is still one thing which makes me wonder; whats the value of a fancy marriage proposal without a ring? But then every other Bob is in love with someone or other and already bubbling to express it in some form or the other. I have no problem with any of it. More than this, I am pretty sure that my problems wont matter either. Love is something, which we as humans have got from Papa Apes who got it from their Papa Primates and it goes back and further back.

What is love? You dont need to be an expert to find it out, you just have to have beautiful girl who is sane and ready to devoter herself for you. Oops…I think I just asked everything. Let me tone it down; but to tone that, in most of the practical cases, I need to break down the sentence into two parts,

a. You need to find a girl who is ready to devote herself for you.

b. You need to find a beautiful girl.

Well both the above statements are quite sexist, and I have my apologies for my readers of fairer sex. I know you are nor like this, but then that girl in your class, that girl at your working place is exactly like this, and you know it. Dont smirk, I am not asking her name but already know her and her traits.

Once a girl is ready to fall in line, fall for you after your hefty presentation, there sometimes happen a paradigm change, she stops looking beautiful as she is now devoting herself to you rather than to her beauty maintenance regime. And when you strictly stopped paying attention to a girl who was devoting to you and you made it clear, then within weeks of doing so, that girl start looking beautiful and reason is opposite to one stated in previous line.

It is all quite interesting, isnt it? Well I bet, only a person like me, who have wonderful lady friends and still single can really enjoy this post, or in other words can be as wise as to appreciate what I am writing. To all the others, it is nothing but representation of waster body and wasted mind. Being an ardent follower of history, religion and love for past 15-20 years (ie. most of my life) I know two things, 1. Person not in love will sound like an idiot to one who is in love and vice a vis. 2. Love beckons fight, one way or other. These two things doesnt mean that I learned only these two things after spending 15-20 years of my love for history, religion and love, but they are two main things when it comes history, religion and love.

This post wont be plain outreach of my feelings but would be one with some solutions. And now I start with the main thing which I intended to write from the start.

Love as I said, always beckons fight. may sound troublesome to many and many might feel it as my fetid outpouring. But then they are almost true everytime. Just as warning, this certainly does not mean that we should stop loving, all it means is that we should continue loving, why do I say so…find it at the end of the post.

Going back to beautiful-devoted girl dichotomy, when a friend of mine fell for a beautiful friend and later decided to go for a fanciful proposal (obviously without ring) then only thing that stuck me was, ‘bloody hell when is that fight going to come’. And then on one fine morning I found that this girl is double timing…

For most of the history most of the major wars were fought for ladies, yeah, I know you will point out towards first world war and second world war, but then believe me, like in every sunk ship there is a treasure, there is always a woman as a reason for fight, and if there is none so obvious, you can always frame some. But love has always beckoned fight at local level. Between dogs, between apes, between males of all the species. Very much like right of property the right of progeny leads to fight. Now all of you can have a theory for such fights and I wont say anyones theory is wrong, and the matter of fact is that this is one thing where everyone is right, untill everyone agrees that love will lead to fight, either for it or after it.

Now comes the solution part:

What should you do when you are in a ‘face-off’ type condition with the other contender for the right of progeny?

Here is a plain simple answer…

CALL THE GIRL. Give GIRL a CALL. Postpone the fight if you are not able to contact the Girl.

Your contender may throw lot of verbal shit at you, do not be bothered because this action will not only save you, but may save your contender, may bring international peace in long run if not immediately.

What to say when you call a girl?

Ask her… Should I fight this Anti-Bob (just because you are Bob in this case) or not, who says he is in love with you and he wants me out of your way?

Now comes the most important part… look for the type of her answer, there can be three following types:

a. Get the hell out of there. You have no business there. You idiot. Please go, do not fight.

Now, based on what type of girl she is, the tone and content may vary but the crux should remain same. And if she is sounding anything like what I have written. Its totally your choice to fight or not to fight, and even if you lose by ending in a hospital, believe me, you have won a war. Now that girl should by most probable case is in love with you and all that concerned her was your safety. If you decided not to fight, she may say, ‘good you listened to me’ and if you do not and then when she comes to see you in hospital ‘her angry tears will be like pain killer for you’. Victory in this case is not important.

b. Second type of answer can be, ‘Just get that bastard out of your way, go tiger go or just beat him up’ or something like that.

Well in this case, the girl is too distressed from all that is happening and more so with that other boy and wants you to eliminate that filthy leech from the face of the earth. Yeah, it sounds flimsy, but then it is possible. What should you do…well you just heard it. FIGHT. Yeah, Fight to win. But then again no need to worry about end result. The girl may not be in true love with you but she is definitely not going Anti-Bob’s side.

c. Umm…hmm umm…

If you are hearing this kind of stuff from the other side, i.e. from the girls side, and this type always comes with some delay. Then, you should think of avoiding any kind of fight. Whether it was battle of Troy, Ramayana or Mahabharat (Religion/Epic/Hisotry) all were fought for women in some way or other. You need not fall in ‘Troy Trap’, escape, find a better plan, find what does girl really think. Even it means saying to that guy that ‘yes I will move out of your way’ just say it and go away. By saying so you havent signed any legal document, you can always remain steadfast on your path. But that Umm..Hmmm… and etc that what you need to worry about. Boy, this is the time to set your priorities, to meddle with Beautiful-Devoted dichotomy. That would certainly be not the time to fight bare chest showing your masculinity and all those related feelings.

I know, if are already in a ‘Troy Trap’, you can shower some shallow chauvinistic morals, of which I know all, but I also know that they may win you a war, but battle would eventually be lost, and boy this is why this is called as ‘Troy Trap’.

Lets say you are finally married, to your loved one… go to any bookstore as soon as possible and pick a good book on how to live a happy married life, because you know nothing about it, and yes there after marriage is a FIGHT waiting for you, which you will never win and always fight. One which you signed for, one which you signed to loose. That is why love beckons a fight.

What I still believe…

27 Oct

When Diwali can not solve market slump, then I know, there is a market slump. This is one of those market slumps, and incidentally one which might affect me in a big manner. Previous few, one the Asian free fall and other the Silicon Valley’s valley, were two which didnt affected me for two good reasons, one I was too young for them to affect them, second India as a nation was still developing, and now, I am at the verge of joining (within a 2 years) corporate sector, and at this very moment we have this slump, and India is in pre-developed state. So, settled on one thing that I have got this wonderful opportunity to learn, to have better and brighter future, while accepting the fact that things are going to get tough. But what took me off my foot is the speculative nature of this slump. Actually, as far as my wisdom goes, there is no particualr slump in Indian market yet, but due to media coverage of international happening we are just blinded by global facts which will affect us in different manner that they are affecting Western markets, but they way most of us are looking it as the slump is going to affect us in same manner, and thus we have self inflicted slump.
There is no major factor which could have affected our buying nature, but still it is different in bad way. People may say that inflation has ruffled our feathers in wrong way, but here again, it is stable at and around 11% and will certainly come down. What I forsee is inflation around 7% by march-april. But still if you ask that whether India is well placed or not, my answer would be no. Because two important parameters which could have certainly helped us arent there, agriculture is down and we do not have enought power. India is in dire need of a revolution in both the sectors, and it has to start now, yes in down slide. Because down slides consolidates market no other thing, and a consolidated market for agriculture is in way a benefit, you have less confusion, serious players which better insight, and strict regulations. With strict one must remember that I am not talking about closed economy, but an open strict economy. Same goes for power, but power is capital intensive industry, and since there is stringent fall in market liquidity and heavy speculation, solving our power woes will be tougher. On the other hand, solving out agricultural woes is also not easy as it will require mass movement and better technology and scientific application. But who said that solutions were going to easy.
Market is not liquid enough, so one positive thing…we wont catch cold, bad thing: we may die out of heavy water loss. As far as you diwali shopping is concered, go out and shop, slump is not for you but for Americans, and if you shop well, then slump wont touch you. This reminds me of a wonderfull saying, that more you let Lakshmi go, more it will come. So dont try and stop Lakshmi, let her go, she will surely come, and more importantly your nation needs Lakshmi more that you know. Just decide where she should go, and how much, just take measure of your bedsheet, and decide accordingly. Things are not that hot, only 3% of our total economy lies in share market, and mind you we are a big nation, let not Share market alone decide whether its Bear or Bull run, let this Diwali be Owls flight…when whole world is in darkness let India see the bright side with Owls eyes…

As a learner nothing could have been better than a down turn, because its only at down turn when you can see underpants.

Ways to kill education

9 Oct

‘We dont need no education.’ A Pink floyd’s masterpiece by name of ‘Another Brick in the wall’. This blog post is partly inspired from this song and mostly inpired from a passage from a book I am reading, Catch-22 from Joseph Heller. The passage I am reffering is like this…

Yossarian attended the educational sessions because he wanted to find out why so many people were working so hard to kill him. A handful of other men were also interested, and the questions were many and good when Clevmger and the subversive corporal finished and made the mistake of asking if there were any.

‘Who is Spain?’

‘Why is Hitler?’

‘When is right?’

‘Where was that stooped and mealy-colored old man I used to call Poppa when the merry-go-round broke down?’

‘How was trump at Munich?’

‘Ho-ho beriberi.’ and ‘Balls!’ all rang out in rapid succession, and then there was Yossarian with the question that had no answer: ‘Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?’ The question upset them, because Snowden had been killed over Avignon when Dobbs went crazy in mid-air and seized the controls away from Huple.

The corporal played it dumb. ‘What?’ he asked.

‘Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?’

‘I’m afraid I don’t understand.’

‘Où sont les Neigedens d’antan?’ Yossarian said to make it easier for him.

‘Parlez en anglais, for Christ’s sake,’ said the corporal. ‘Je ne parle pas français.’

‘Neither do I,’ answered Yossarian, who was ready to pursue him through all the words in the world to wring the knowledge from him if he could, but Clevinger intervened, pale, thin, and laboring for breath, a humid coating of tears already glistening in his undernourished eyes.

Group Headquarters was alarmed, for there was no telling what people might find out once they felt free to ask whatever questions they wanted to. Colonel Cathcart sent Colonel Korn to stop it, and Colonel Korn succeeded with a rule governing the asking of questions. Colonel Korn’s rule was a stroke of genius, Colonel Korn explained in his report to Colonel Cathcart. Under Colonel Korn’s rule, the only people permitted to ask questions were those who never did. Soon the only people attending were those who never asked questions, and the sessions were discontinued altogether, since Clevinger, the corporal and Colonel Korn agreed that it was neither possible nor necessary to educate people who never questioned anything.

The blue colour portion is the one which inspired me to write this post, so true, so the imperative logic which can be derived from this quoted piece is that to kill education, you just need to stop pupils to ask question. As simple as that, and education, learning will all vanish, what will remain will be dry teachings. If you ever feel like looking into Upnishads, then you will find that, Guru’s from that age knew the importance of question as all the upnishads are in form of question and answers.

With new (with present standard, its old) education system, the right of questioning is harried away from students. The will to question starts dying, and eventually system starts to crumble, as there wont be enough people to educate. India at present can not think of becoming a developed economy, un till and unless we just gear up to educate all female and children, I am delibratingly leaving males from the list, because their participation is nation building is limited, its women, and childred which builds nation from within.

Another way we are killing the very spirit of education is by taking away the right of making mistakes. With time and development we started putting to heavy a price on mistakes, which meant we said that we are not in position to allow mistakes to happen and in a way took away the experimental spirit from students and children. And thing which stands to testify what I am saying is all the successful researches, products which in process of building faced zillions of failure.

So what teachers are doing, what are teachers of teachers doing. Before changing education system we need to put some thought in the process of how we are getting teachers. How are they being educated? Teaching as I see is more about inspiring than transpiring. Will I take teaching some day to prove the point? May be yes! but just may be. Till then you can watch this video and sing song with it.

We don’t need no education
We don’t need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone
Hey teacher leave them kids alone
All in all it’s just another brick in the wall
All in all you’re just another brick in the wall

We don’t need no education
We don’t need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone
Hey teacher leave us kids alone
All in all you’re just another brick in the wall
All in all you’re just another brick in the wall

Today is no teachers day, neither students day…do we need a day to put our thoughts.

Long Live freedom, as stated in constitution.

The Capitalist Icons.

24 Jul

How many of you know Che Guevera, kindly do not feel down if you don’t know who this man is, and also do not be affronted either if you know him like you know your brother. For those who do not know him I should spend few molecules of my ATP, describing him.  By profession he was a physician, and later due to some personal experiences followed the conduits of Marxism. He later became a Marxist revolutionary and was revered in this respect. He was the master of guerilla warfare and as he was one of the staunch Marxist crusader, which meant he was in tussles with America, for obvious reasons. His area of work was mostly latin America, you can know more by googling about him.

How many of you know Mahatma Gandhi, now don’t feel insulted if you know him, and if you do not know him then, mate, go check mirror, there you will find a #$!@. So I think every one reading this entry knows who Mr. MK Gandhi was, and also know his importance in Indian perpective. Mr. Gandhi wasn’t a staunch supporter of capitalism either. He stressed more on socialism, more on equal distribution of resources, which, by its ethos capitalism doesn’t supports.

Both Mr Guevera and Mr Gandhi are amongst the 100 most influential people of 20th century.  There is not much similarity between both of them but that both of them in their way were against the influence of capitalism. Now after reading this you must be trying hard to conjoin the heading and the substance you have read so far and might have come on conclusion that I am full of time wasting @#@$.  But now let me pour down some wonderful paradoxes. They are in fact great capitalistic icons, more than they are icons of Marxism or socialism.

Before you come up with counterviews, just see you pocket and you may find proof of what I am saying. Mr.Gandhi resides on very symbol of capitalism. Gandhi like Che has become brand. Their brand values are bigger than what they were when they lived. When US presidential candidates says that he seeks inspiration from Mohandaas Karamchand Gandhi then you can bet that if he was listed in any global stock market his stock value must have sky rocketed. Same goes with Che, not many know him (in India),  not many follow what his aims were or what he did, but would wear T’s with his iconic photo on. Che in India is comparatively a newer brand but in Latin America he has had his presence from long time. Look around and you may find few of his photos, on caps, on shirts, on sweat shirts and so on. Yes there are cigars carrying him as an icon ( due to his Cuban roots).

Success by its nature is capitalistic, and if you are successful then you can not deny that you are there without capitalism. Capitalism isn’t just an economic term, and now holds greater social significance. Skipping capitalistic point of view, while carrying ant plan of yours aren’t going to bring you basket full of fruits of success. Humans by nature seek icons; no society has ever escaped from any kind of symbolism, or icons.  It has always gone like that and will always go like that, I wont put more views herein, and would like to reply on comments carrying counter views.

Gandhiji , Che for many still hold special value, not marred by petty capitalistic views, but as far as populist culture goes they are losing their value. They are slowly becoming irrelevant, but I bet that they will never get completely vanished; capitalism will save them for us, for future.  And as far as fashion is concerned, Che is really hot these days; fashion icons are flaunting him on their sexy bodies publicizing him more than his ideology.  Same goes with Gandhiji, political parties flaunt him, put slogans around him while showing complete Alzheimer as far as his teachings are concerned. Have I lost hope…no ways…I believe in capitalism, it wont let them die, there will be authors writing about them, churning money, they will continue as brands, and their ideology, teachings will wait for someone who is ready to follow them and not just fashion.

Vantage Point; one more movie today.

3 Jul

Beautiful story, wonderful car chase scene, different presentation, but fir few moments it did got boring. Story involved showing same event with different perspective and when one does it many time things do start get boring. Though it was compensated by a nice car chase scene. There were 6 loops with 6 different perspective, thought all the loops’s characters werent tightly connected but yes they made their point without any confusion. And in the process you would be able to appreciate each character. Each character do meet each other at some point of time and it shows the beauty of story line, thoroughy thought and excuted. The best part of film which l liked was tyhe climax when Quaid finally find President of USA, accidently. And the one who caused that accident was a small girl…watch the movie its worth it.

Vantage Point: ***(1/2)*

Movies…3 in a day

1 Jul
  1. The Forbidden Kingdom ***
  2. Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic **(1/2)* { half marks just for the presence of Rani Mukherjee }
  3. De Tali * {Singe star for the thought, which director could never communicate}

I am currently frustrated after watching De Tali and I am wishing to fire gali after gali. Ritesh Deshmukh can act, so can Aftab so can Ayesha Takia, but I could not get what they were doing in film. I would like to confess to everyone that I do watch daily soaps though occasionally but they are good entertainment, at least to laugh out loud, but I can not gulp down vampish charachter of daily soaps in films so what was Rimi Sen doing, trying to suck brain out of viewers head…thats big no, so the question arises, who the hell wrote the script and kindly do tell me the address of the director of De Tali so that I can tell him that his brain is khali. I am sure cinema hall owners must have thrown its print in nali. Another question comes about the dull camera angles, static shots and very long shots, some times it seemed that cameraman must have gone some where to take his tea, leaving camera on, on the stand. Add on to that, the movie starts with the title song which is as dull as…sorry i havent seen anything as dull as that. I can understand that director wanted to show intense friendship, and I value his intentions but beyond that I can not admire his work.

Kunal Kohli, dear come back to movie review and start with your very own movie. Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic is also pain. Poor charachterization of kids, of Ameesha Patel, of Saif and a not so exciting role for Rani Mukherjee (she is looking beautiful in that hair style). Movie has a nice plot (la Marry Poppins), but come on, even nice plot need nice script, good editing, and good charchterization. I know I am late on cursing this movie, but Kunal Kohli should accept every bit of it because we expect a better movie from him. Hum Tum was a wonderful movie, there were intense scenes in it, but tptm didnt had. By the way Kunal Kohli in a way accepted that he have some relationship with When Harry met Sally, there is kind of ester egg scene, when at end Rani meets Rishi Kapoor near a dust bin in US, at the backgrount there is a board (specially placed) on which ‘When Harry Met Sally’ is written and guess what it is quite clean. SO we might se ‘Marry Poppins’ written some where in Kunal’s next movie. Ameesha lookes sexy in lazy lamhe (reuced in size) but thats it, she was given too whiney a role. All in all movie had some scenes on which you can laugh (not loud) an some you might shed some tears and for most of the part you may wish to go out of hall, or if you are watching it at home then for making a tea/coffee. Can watch on a walk.

Forbidden Kingdom, poor story line. We all know Jackie Chan and Jet Lee can give some nice action scenes, but come on they are not that bad actors, that director does not give them any scope for acting. Story tried to include too many things, just too many, too many external charachters to garner large ammount screen space. I feel that if you want to give more than 5 min of screen time too some actor than you have give him/her some good lines and nice looks matching to persona. In simple words gundas werent looking that gundas. The vamp was looking very beautiful, and I for some time wished that she should turn to good side. Over all, picture did had some nice action scnes, best one was a fight between Jet lee and Jakie Chan, but the problem in that fight was that you always knew that they were both heroes and they will become friends…I wont put should but will say that you can watch it.

Sri Vivekanand Library from British Library; a new dawn.

1 Jul

Change is always for good, irrespective of results. When id first few moths of this year it was decided by some respected authorities from British Council, that they can not run British Library in Bhopal, there was lot of hue and cry. I for all that time kept on saying, wait, we are going to see brighter tomorrow; people on other hand didnt felt same. I had a simple logic in mind when I said that we were going to have brighter future, and the logic was that due to large number of college going student population which is aspiring to go great guns around the globe a city with 20 lakh+ population can not do without a proper library. There is a big market and if there is market there will be a system to feed the market, if it wont be British Library it ought to be some one else. There were petetions after petetions and large ammount of space was given to it in news papers those days. They all had an effect, we now have Sri Vivekanand Library in the same building and with same books (donated by British Library) but with better future. I will come to better future part slighly later, here i will like to emphasize on the effect of all that public hue. What it did is that it sped up the whole process of having a new library. If there wouldnt have been that much noise in those days, Government of MP which is now running SVL would have taken much more time to asses the requirement of public, and in due course they might have lost the British Library’s book collection.
Now comes the ‘better’ part, why am I of opinion that SVL is better than BL? BL as name suggest was highly British in nature, their interests were in coherence with British Council which was in turn looking for Indian students to fill their universities(I had no problem with that). Books and Journals which they had were mostly of British origin, which was in some way was not allowing enough American media, to come in (not in strictest sense). Now with SVL there is no ideological binding with ‘British’ and we can have wider array of events, and books in library. This means more opportunity to read various authors and journals around the globe and more seminars and discourses on various topics. Isnt it great?
People may still doubt that whther SVL can be run on the same lines of BL or not, but here also I am full of poisitivity, it surely will, primarily because it has retained good number of officials from BL and second they are not answerable to any council but directly to public as it is being run by Government of MP. Chances are that SVL might start keeping hindi literature also, once again becuase now they are not under influence of BC agenda. Only possible dark side I see into all this is that there are chances certain fluctuation in its appraoch of providing better books, literary and knowledge services due to change in governments and their respective agendas…Hey I am sure public (including me) will see into it that such a thing never occurs.