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TRiNO – Solution to water quality crisis.

28 Apr

This Post is in light of recently gone International Earth Day.

I along with my friend envisioned this system, which I (naming master) named TRiNO (lower case I is just for styling purpose) some time in 2009 fall of 2008. Here in 2011, after spending 2 semesters, studying public affairs, I more than ever think that this was one of the best idea I ever came up with. This of all my research projects in undergraduate years, certainly holds lot of promise and  needs more backing (personal and market) and more support so that it can be developed into a full fledged model. People may argue that this may not be the cheapest solution but this as a concept is much better than various other solutions. To know more about TRiNO, you can go through the slides posted below.

Well, success of TRiNO does not lie in its filtering capacity, but in its low maintenance, self sustainable methodology, and age old inspiration of ‘Bawari’ – public source of drinking water in Rajasthan and Gujrat (two typically arid states of India). This can prove as an awesome tool for drinking water management, in various settings and can be plugged with a smart-card system for efficient delivery.

One may argue against my over reliance on technology, and initial starting cost associated with TRiNO. As a counter argument I will only say that we would be fools to not to utilize technology if its already available.

Since this is a concept, I am more than happy to take all kind of suggestions.

Story Behind this post – After losing in a technological presentation competition with this concept, I promised my team mate that I will surely take this ahead and solve water crisis. And after recently gone International Earth Day, I somehow remembered my promise… GodSpeed.


Presentation on Public Distribution System

25 Mar

Well this was my presentation on public distribution system program in India. It is in support for paper written for International Public Affairs Association conference in SPEA. I will soon report the findings on this blog. Grad life is tough and maintaing a blog is tougher…so please bear with any delay.

Billu sans barber…

8 Feb

Few things just bounce, and no matter whats your height they will bounce over you. I hope you people have already aware of the fact that the coming film from SRK, Billu Barber wond have Barber in its name anymore. This  decision was taken by SRK so as to pacify the BARBER association who would have knocked the doors of court as they felt offended by the word BARBER with Billu. Some leader of theirs whom I heard was saying that, “You can name anything, Billu Hairdresser or Billu Artist…but no Barber as barber is a cast. They have no right to bring cast in between.”

My head is twirling at metaphysical speed, and I am not comprehend this plain fact which was stated by that gentleman. I surely know if ‘Nayi’ as cast and also as surname, but they all are supposed to be proper nouns. Whereas luckily or unluckily ‘Nayi’ is also a common noun, and whose english translation is nothing but barber whose synonym is ‘hair dresser’. I would with my little knowledge of immense database of indian surnames, like to challenge even ‘ARTIST’ against Billu, because I know few person with ‘Kalakaar’ as surname. This case is surely not in court and SRK voluntarily removed barber from billu. 

This will surely set a unique precedent regarding the name of films and companies. Well I am suddenly feeling that we will have to change various english nouns if all of a sudden few people and their designated organization start feeling offended. 

Few examples… 

Vermicompost : High resemblance  with Vermas, and its not even a good thing.

Chug: I know few Chugs also.

there can be zillions…

Then we can not have songs on Daru as there are Daruwalas who can feel offended. 

Villains can not use ‘Sharm’ in wrong way, as there are Sharmas. So we wont have dialogues like, ‘ Gori SHARMA kyun rahi ho’ before setting situation to rape the ‘Gori’.

Well I think I am safe, and you wont be seeing me in any protest…I am trivedi… how can some one use it in some wrong way…thank you daddy’s daddy’s daddy’s daddy’s daddy’s….the first trivedi.

You me and Growth.

15 Sep

After my morning chore and before leaving for college I like everyday checked news updates in my mail, and found a wonderful article from Boston Globe. Though article is about US and their economy but like always there can always be few parallels drawn out between India and US. Present problem of global downturn is more serious for India than US, reason being that India is still in developing stage and the amount of infrastructure in India is far less that what US has got and adding to that we have larger number of lives to support.

General perception among public and few economists in US (for US economy) to tackle current down turn is to minimize government and lower the tax. But the situation in India is slightly opposite, government is inflating in size and hunger and taxes are also increasing with new forms or other. Burden is as usual falling more so on middle income group [poor chaps- papa lets be rich 😉 ] as income tax never reaches mega heights for those with mega bank balance. India in case of its economy is still some 20-25 years behind US, I am talking in terms of net worth, and we should thus keep an eye on history of developed nations to avoid mistakes, which they committed, or those, which they didn’t. In 1980 presidential elections of US, Ronal Regan put it in a nice way, “We don’t have inflation because the people are living too well. We have inflation because the government is living too well.” So is it time for us to look retrospectively in spending of our governments?

The underlying economic argument is persuasively simple: Higher taxes undermine incentives to work and invest; a bigger government pushes aside private enterprise and siphons money from private investment; social programs are inefficient and make people dependent. All these cost the nation valuable gains in productivity. But there are also some counterviews that I will discuss slightly later on.

While at the same time we must also look into the logics of Mr. FM behind higher taxes, India is in dearth of infrastructure and additional taxes are required to meet national requirements. We as a nation is lacking in terms of education, basic amenities, health and energy, so our Mr. FM thinks that and I also feel rightly so that we need to put in more money for that. Another factor which induces such an action is staggeringly low investments in industrial sector, and this is the reason due to which govt. is still not able to pull its hand off from public sector units. But the other point of Mr. Regan, the size of government, does it really matter, there are enough economical researches to prove otherwise. Most of these researches were undertaken in developed nations, the problem in India with the pinch of added corruption is that the added size government slows things down, which we, with many social and economical problems are in no position to carry on out back. So rather than harming the economy, the evidence shows that government spending, when done well, contributes critically to economic growth.

Coming back to first problem, and there are evidences to show, that higher taxes will not halt economy. But with that there is a catch, and the catch is that spending pattern should not be adversely affected with raise in taxes. So if you now look at the picture comprehensively, you can look at three things, increased taxes, higher government spending (less private input); that is heavy and bulky government, and the present problem of inflation, and with all these three problems there are mighty chances that spending pattern of public will alter, public in general would like to save much and work less as there are heavy taxes to pay. Static money is of no use, that aphorism you can take from me. 

Contrary to any romantic claims there is no nation, which sticks to one ideology throughout, so government even in a highly capitalistic nation like US has to some time, intervene into activities related to national importance and development. There must be some streamlining of government in whole for smoothening the process of development, it is high time to speed up the investment and that too without spillage. This unromantically means that there must be some tightening of state and local governments. This also means that India at present cannot turn to laissez-faire economics.

Coming back to tax and government and putting them in present scenario, one thing clearly embosses out, and that is, with high as prefix (tax and inflation) the result will be lower spending and lesser private infrastructure, which according to my argument will not argufy nicely with growth. All we at present need are some flexible economic policies and through spending, whether by government or by private partners and adding to that a strong government at centre.  

Disclosure: Some part of this posts are taken directly from Humble apologies for that.

Where are we heading?

13 Sep

If India fails in picking itself up from inflation that what’s going to happen? Thanks God and economists that we still need not ponder over this question as many of them(economists) positively feel that inflation is not going to touch hyper ceiling and will soon stabilize and then decline to normal levels. I am more interested in understanding alteration in consumption pattern in Indians rather than just inflation. And more important is not the inflation but the downturn associated with it. IT and associated industries are being hit in mighty way, due to global downturn, and thus there are millions who are praying against such reversion. What is to be seen is that how other industries face up in this downturn and whether we are correctly estimating this slowdown or just over hyping it. One of the few things that will stack our prospects properly is amount of FDI and FII, which will indicate the how India is perceived as investment destination. One bare fact is that at present India is not that happy place to invest, and even among BRIC it is at last position lead by China and then Brazil. Reasons? many but to start with is lack of proper infrastructure to support investment, and then there is rusty system and mismanagement of natural resources. Nano in Singur is one example of rusty system wherein things could have been solved much earlier before they went out of hands. Investment does two beautiful things, first it brings money into circulation and then it provides employment and both of the things are important for India. With that one must not understand that there are no other options for achieving both targets but yes investment in industrial sector is one of the best one, but should be carried out with utmost care and propensity. Possibilities are endless in case of India, but the requirement is to get hold of all the chickens and keep them in basket and its for all of us to take part in that process and then see the results.

The Capitalist Icons.

24 Jul

How many of you know Che Guevera, kindly do not feel down if you don’t know who this man is, and also do not be affronted either if you know him like you know your brother. For those who do not know him I should spend few molecules of my ATP, describing him.  By profession he was a physician, and later due to some personal experiences followed the conduits of Marxism. He later became a Marxist revolutionary and was revered in this respect. He was the master of guerilla warfare and as he was one of the staunch Marxist crusader, which meant he was in tussles with America, for obvious reasons. His area of work was mostly latin America, you can know more by googling about him.

How many of you know Mahatma Gandhi, now don’t feel insulted if you know him, and if you do not know him then, mate, go check mirror, there you will find a #$!@. So I think every one reading this entry knows who Mr. MK Gandhi was, and also know his importance in Indian perpective. Mr. Gandhi wasn’t a staunch supporter of capitalism either. He stressed more on socialism, more on equal distribution of resources, which, by its ethos capitalism doesn’t supports.

Both Mr Guevera and Mr Gandhi are amongst the 100 most influential people of 20th century.  There is not much similarity between both of them but that both of them in their way were against the influence of capitalism. Now after reading this you must be trying hard to conjoin the heading and the substance you have read so far and might have come on conclusion that I am full of time wasting @#@$.  But now let me pour down some wonderful paradoxes. They are in fact great capitalistic icons, more than they are icons of Marxism or socialism.

Before you come up with counterviews, just see you pocket and you may find proof of what I am saying. Mr.Gandhi resides on very symbol of capitalism. Gandhi like Che has become brand. Their brand values are bigger than what they were when they lived. When US presidential candidates says that he seeks inspiration from Mohandaas Karamchand Gandhi then you can bet that if he was listed in any global stock market his stock value must have sky rocketed. Same goes with Che, not many know him (in India),  not many follow what his aims were or what he did, but would wear T’s with his iconic photo on. Che in India is comparatively a newer brand but in Latin America he has had his presence from long time. Look around and you may find few of his photos, on caps, on shirts, on sweat shirts and so on. Yes there are cigars carrying him as an icon ( due to his Cuban roots).

Success by its nature is capitalistic, and if you are successful then you can not deny that you are there without capitalism. Capitalism isn’t just an economic term, and now holds greater social significance. Skipping capitalistic point of view, while carrying ant plan of yours aren’t going to bring you basket full of fruits of success. Humans by nature seek icons; no society has ever escaped from any kind of symbolism, or icons.  It has always gone like that and will always go like that, I wont put more views herein, and would like to reply on comments carrying counter views.

Gandhiji , Che for many still hold special value, not marred by petty capitalistic views, but as far as populist culture goes they are losing their value. They are slowly becoming irrelevant, but I bet that they will never get completely vanished; capitalism will save them for us, for future.  And as far as fashion is concerned, Che is really hot these days; fashion icons are flaunting him on their sexy bodies publicizing him more than his ideology.  Same goes with Gandhiji, political parties flaunt him, put slogans around him while showing complete Alzheimer as far as his teachings are concerned. Have I lost hope…no ways…I believe in capitalism, it wont let them die, there will be authors writing about them, churning money, they will continue as brands, and their ideology, teachings will wait for someone who is ready to follow them and not just fashion.

The Greater federation.

8 Jul
In coming August, 15 th of it will a be a special day for me, and other people of this nation, India. We got independence 60 years back on the same day (night). India in this due course of 60 years fought few wars which devoured hundreds, some wars were with external agents and few were fought within. India got its independence and so did Pakistan, and both of the nations fought 4 wars, in all, and none of them proved fruitful to anyone. Wars are never fruitful, but the peace is. With new generation in, dictating policies of repective governments, both India and Pakistan are now are no on waring terms. And this is great seeing to the fact that both the nations were created out of one on relegious lines.
The point covered in this post is not about what happened but what may happen. I honestly feel, that coming fifty years may see a greater federation, wherein nations of Indian subcontinent, though maintaining their sovereignty will become a part of the greater federation, having semi common army, single currency and extensive exchange of goods within. It wont happen out of political needs but due to sheer economical needs, and due to the requirements of greater security on natural resources front. Would it be easy to have the greater fedrartion, something in lines of European union, but more cohessive than them. No the answer is pure no, because there are lot of political interest in every country against that. But people will really need it, more and free trade among the countries of Indian sub continent will be asked for by the traders and other sectors of economy.
Such a federal architecture would be more secured and wont be easy to meddle with by any other nation, per say US and China, and combined they would have more resources and more consumption capacity than any other nation. With that we can also say that any such federal architecture cant be denied a position in security council due to virtue of its extensive consumption and production capacity and the political power which it will effuse. Connotation of such federal architecture is a more united and more stable state. Now stability might be of concern, but I do not feel so for very simple reason that with coming years people of Indian Subcontinent will realize that any happening in any other part of world does not have any bearing of anything in their part if they do not wishes so, and would become of view that development of their lands is of more importance than anything happening in any other nation if that happening is not affecting us. Such a level of maturity will be achieved by the people and so by the government.
I really hope for such a thing to happen, if it does I would be happy and if it does not then also I would be happy that it may occur the next day.

Can we have another Bill Gates?

29 Jun
So Bill Gates retires…I think this news is already with you and I think I am not doing any favor by telling this to you. By writing a self explanatory heading, I am in no position to keep you guessing about the next line or about the content of this post, so without wasting time I would put my views, that why I feel that this world isnt going to have another Bill Gates.
Before explaining any further I would like to regress and would like to tell that on initial face value heading, it can be taken as both positive and negative sense, but through out I will like to put this post as neutral, and then one more important thing, the Bill Gates I am talking about is the whole package and not just his intelligence, his impeccable business acumen, or his bank balance. So, I think I have put enough coal tar as of for making base of this article.
So can we have another Bill Gates, if you ask me, then my answer will be, NO. It is not that I think there can be none to match his level of intelligence, neither do I think that there can be none with matching business acumen, but I think that there wont be similar circumstances which gave us Bill Gates. With the changing world and changing consumer pattern, business pattern, we now can not have person raking millions just by selling softwares. Yes the last line is one which holds most significance in regards to this post. We had a Bill Gate by selling softwares for computers which were then made personal by his softwares, before him computers weren’t that personal, and highly closed systems like Mac would and with all due respect havent made that much of a difference. Mac’o’holics can appreciate Mac only because we have Windows. To put it, against his largest contemprary computer wizrard Steve Jobs, Bill gates didnt made better softwares but he made a better permeating system, comprising of limited open software development in form visual basic and others. Windows was succesfull and is successful not becuase it is technically most advance but becuase there is no dearth of third party software developers for Windows. You may love to hate it, that Microsoft didnt provided enought freedom to third party developers but what ever it gave was enough to have zillions of softwares. And let me tell you, if some thing is being tought in 1st or 2nd standards in India, then it ought to be higly important, or else our education system does not bother to introduce technical marvels on their technical virtues only.
One thing on which probably everyone will agree that what Bill Gates gave us in form of Windows changed our lives in some way or other. But slowly things started to change, things started to go on net, net whose rise was in some way was fueled by Bills very own windows, and he probably couldnt have done otherwise even if he had wished for it. Business started to go online, it started to move towards more coherence, coherence between two differenc users sitting wide apart. One should not forget that still there are millions of servers running on Mocrosofts technology…probably more than that on Open Source alternatives. And with internet came Google and yes we can not forget Yahoo! (Which might have been in M$ stable today) and other pleothera of websites. But google with its online advertisement changed lot of things. Gave us a new icon, but this new icon was not a man but a company, as in form of Google. Why am I saying so, becaue, I still havent found a kid who would say that would say I want to become like Larry Page or Sergey Brinn, but even today when Bill has left microsoft(officially) I can find many who idiolises him. Though I never sain that I wanted or wants to become like Bill Gates but yes I heard many saying that. But due to changing pattern of market, with the advent of open source alternatives or in many cases primarily used open source softwares rules of games have slighly shifted. Things arent that simple for windows anymore, there are wast amount of open source softwares and more than handy group of Linux operating system which though slowly are making their presence felt. So one thing for sure, if you want to go with a better technology then you would have to go for Linux or unix based OS or if you are in for making software for masses, then you will have to face more competetion than what Microsoft had to. Which might take you more than a life time to reach where Bill Gates reached before microsoft stock values started crashing down. And chances of maintaining richest person tag with core industry in your hand is not viable as core industries are highly susceptible to market fluctuations. Software for that matter can have slump but not have surging trough.
We will for sure have more intelligent people, more brighter business men/women better humans but we will never have another Bill Gates. And Bill Gates with is his continuing interest in his foundation is making it further difficult for others to match his level as a package.
Computer world could have been more seamless if we might not have had Bill Gates but it would then not have reached every home…Good or bad, we wont be having another Bill Gates…and guess what he has only retired from Microsoft…not from this world.
Long live Bill Gates and long live Microsoft.