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We – A poem on current events in India

22 Aug

This poem is written not in favor of some group or against someone… its about what is happening. I see, people realizing their power, I see people fighting for their freedom, I see people uniting for a cause and I am writing for them. Social movements are not end in themselves, they are means of achieving something. This poem is therefore written in favor of social movement, that India is currently seeing.

आह्लाद है, प्रयाग है,
प्राण का आगाज़ है,
रुग्ण क्यूँ है गद्दियाँ, 
है जीत यह, विकास है.

स्वप्न है, दृश्य है,
उत्तरों का प्रश्न है,
भय ग्रस्त क्यूँ है हस्तियाँ,
है गण यह, सैलाब है.

मनुष्य है, दिव्य है,
राष्ट्र एक पथ पे है,
क्यूँ दंभ की है धारणा,
है स्वत्रंत यह, जीत है.

You are free

14 Aug

15th of August…day of Independence for India. So much was gained, so much is to be gained…so much was given and so much to give…

Lines written below are not for India but  for me, for my friends, for all Indians…

वीर बन, बन निडर, रख होंसला और जाग,
नील गगन में देख और बुन नए स्वप्न,
धर बसंती, जूझ तू, जीत तू,
धर बसंती जान ले,
आज़ाद है तू, आज़ाद है तू...

My economical future.

28 Jan

If you arent waking up from coma, then you must probably be aware of the fact that this world is facing an economical meltdown, result of economical warming (when all eyes were set on global warming). Though Indian FM(ex) P.Chidambarm proudly says that all India is facing is slow down, not melt down, which means we are slowly tending towards meltdown, we arent there yet. Despite of his brave words, there is looming fear over me and lots of people like me, aspiring engineers who are galloped by IT industry of India which serves whole globe which is now melting (economically and climatically), so situation for my brethren and me is nothing but highly precarious. There is fear that this time many of us wont be that easily galloped as generations leading us are being puked out by companies, well this is not limited to IT but all the industries.
So after an year, the world outside the doors of industries will be filled by frehsers and puked out people. I can see light at the end of tunnel, though its looking like a dot, but then, we are running fast and will soon reach there. Still, problem isnt just on our side, even if we reach there, within a healthy time frame (which means, by the time I reach there, I am still having 2 time meals and breakfast), the other side is, will companies be able to shift their gears, and how will they manage to take their puke and new food (people like us – though stale). Few companies which are planning for dark days ahead will surely find it tough to take everything in, but I bet there must be few companies who are preparing for brighter and consolidated future ahead, and they will be ready to ingest the right mix.
While the mean time there are possibilities that I get into a company (electrical and related or IT and related) and just manage my spending and bank balance so that I emerge stronger at the end of tunnel. Then the other possibility is that I keep in this dark tunnel without a paycheck and still emerge out clean and healthy, on the same count I cant deny the fact that there are equal chances of me getting out of tunnel unhealthy and filthy. Then there is another option of entering into some post graduate course like management (which every second peer of mine it planning to go) and this situation will give me added two years where I will come out at the end of tunnel as my path will be slightly bypassed.
Of all these cases the last one is surely a good one, but there is still no economical future in all these years, which means, I will only be spending and not making money till this melt down solidifies and gives a new shape to this world economical order.

To you, my Birdie.

3 Dec

I need some paper, to write a letter,

which the birdie will take and fly.

Life has been litter, bit bitter,

Hell broke loose from the sky.

Things will get better, some time later,

but for wounds, I will cry.

You need some water, from Father,

I wrote it all, to him the birdie will fly.

Was it meal or poison in platter,

Oh, you never said Googbye.

Some reaons, to hang mistakers,

No matter, I will never say you Hi.

Oh, I know, your smile goes like this,

Oh, I know, your brows arched like that,

Oh, I know, You kissed my gift, tried to ring,

But now I miss, I know I miss,

To there I ask, where now you live,

My birdie to fly, fly high,

Never see down, There is blod on ground,

Just fly to you,

Bring your last message from you.

Though I lost none from my immediate or extended family in recent carnage in Mumbai, but some would have, we can only assess losses but will never feel them. I dont know whether there is any solution to it or not, the terrorism. But I know there must be some one up there, who gives us power to stand tall and fight against them…

You me and Growth.

15 Sep

After my morning chore and before leaving for college I like everyday checked news updates in my mail, and found a wonderful article from Boston Globe. Though article is about US and their economy but like always there can always be few parallels drawn out between India and US. Present problem of global downturn is more serious for India than US, reason being that India is still in developing stage and the amount of infrastructure in India is far less that what US has got and adding to that we have larger number of lives to support.

General perception among public and few economists in US (for US economy) to tackle current down turn is to minimize government and lower the tax. But the situation in India is slightly opposite, government is inflating in size and hunger and taxes are also increasing with new forms or other. Burden is as usual falling more so on middle income group [poor chaps- papa lets be rich 😉 ] as income tax never reaches mega heights for those with mega bank balance. India in case of its economy is still some 20-25 years behind US, I am talking in terms of net worth, and we should thus keep an eye on history of developed nations to avoid mistakes, which they committed, or those, which they didn’t. In 1980 presidential elections of US, Ronal Regan put it in a nice way, “We don’t have inflation because the people are living too well. We have inflation because the government is living too well.” So is it time for us to look retrospectively in spending of our governments?

The underlying economic argument is persuasively simple: Higher taxes undermine incentives to work and invest; a bigger government pushes aside private enterprise and siphons money from private investment; social programs are inefficient and make people dependent. All these cost the nation valuable gains in productivity. But there are also some counterviews that I will discuss slightly later on.

While at the same time we must also look into the logics of Mr. FM behind higher taxes, India is in dearth of infrastructure and additional taxes are required to meet national requirements. We as a nation is lacking in terms of education, basic amenities, health and energy, so our Mr. FM thinks that and I also feel rightly so that we need to put in more money for that. Another factor which induces such an action is staggeringly low investments in industrial sector, and this is the reason due to which govt. is still not able to pull its hand off from public sector units. But the other point of Mr. Regan, the size of government, does it really matter, there are enough economical researches to prove otherwise. Most of these researches were undertaken in developed nations, the problem in India with the pinch of added corruption is that the added size government slows things down, which we, with many social and economical problems are in no position to carry on out back. So rather than harming the economy, the evidence shows that government spending, when done well, contributes critically to economic growth.

Coming back to first problem, and there are evidences to show, that higher taxes will not halt economy. But with that there is a catch, and the catch is that spending pattern should not be adversely affected with raise in taxes. So if you now look at the picture comprehensively, you can look at three things, increased taxes, higher government spending (less private input); that is heavy and bulky government, and the present problem of inflation, and with all these three problems there are mighty chances that spending pattern of public will alter, public in general would like to save much and work less as there are heavy taxes to pay. Static money is of no use, that aphorism you can take from me. 

Contrary to any romantic claims there is no nation, which sticks to one ideology throughout, so government even in a highly capitalistic nation like US has to some time, intervene into activities related to national importance and development. There must be some streamlining of government in whole for smoothening the process of development, it is high time to speed up the investment and that too without spillage. This unromantically means that there must be some tightening of state and local governments. This also means that India at present cannot turn to laissez-faire economics.

Coming back to tax and government and putting them in present scenario, one thing clearly embosses out, and that is, with high as prefix (tax and inflation) the result will be lower spending and lesser private infrastructure, which according to my argument will not argufy nicely with growth. All we at present need are some flexible economic policies and through spending, whether by government or by private partners and adding to that a strong government at centre.  

Disclosure: Some part of this posts are taken directly from http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/ideas/articles/2008/09/07/growth_factor/. Humble apologies for that.

Where are we heading?

13 Sep

If India fails in picking itself up from inflation that what’s going to happen? Thanks God and economists that we still need not ponder over this question as many of them(economists) positively feel that inflation is not going to touch hyper ceiling and will soon stabilize and then decline to normal levels. I am more interested in understanding alteration in consumption pattern in Indians rather than just inflation. And more important is not the inflation but the downturn associated with it. IT and associated industries are being hit in mighty way, due to global downturn, and thus there are millions who are praying against such reversion. What is to be seen is that how other industries face up in this downturn and whether we are correctly estimating this slowdown or just over hyping it. One of the few things that will stack our prospects properly is amount of FDI and FII, which will indicate the how India is perceived as investment destination. One bare fact is that at present India is not that happy place to invest, and even among BRIC it is at last position lead by China and then Brazil. Reasons? many but to start with is lack of proper infrastructure to support investment, and then there is rusty system and mismanagement of natural resources. Nano in Singur is one example of rusty system wherein things could have been solved much earlier before they went out of hands. Investment does two beautiful things, first it brings money into circulation and then it provides employment and both of the things are important for India. With that one must not understand that there are no other options for achieving both targets but yes investment in industrial sector is one of the best one, but should be carried out with utmost care and propensity. Possibilities are endless in case of India, but the requirement is to get hold of all the chickens and keep them in basket and its for all of us to take part in that process and then see the results.

Buddy…We all are capitalists!

7 Dec

WTF is socialism? Oh yaa…(I had to
open 10th std. Civics book to find the definition), but I am not going to waste my time quoting it, rather send you here.
Do I hate socialism, I dont know but yes I would have loved it if Jessica Alba would have been in Red brigade, and Peta would have been under some Red agenda( I hope you understand). By the way, do you consider your self a socialist kind of person or a capitalist kind of person? I on record, yes on record consider myself a CAPITALIST kind of person.

I have my own reasons for it, prominently there are two, first being, I hate giving my ice cream to others, second I like to eat ice creams on another’s money. These are two fundamental rules of capitalism, told no where. Enjoy your profits, try not to invest your money. Socialism is all skewed, if I would have been socialist then, I would not be eating ice cream on first part since I can not avail it for few beggars who roam outside Ice cream parlor, second, if I had to eat one, then I had to invest my money, and try that it should be enough for everyone around. So I using few ounce of my brain fluid have come to conclusion that ‘I am capitalist’. Human, though we can fight over it is an animal( few of my friends do not agree over it…they want to put ‘social’ before animal) we survived for such a long time because we fought for our food from the animals which were much stronger than us, from nature which was most of the time against us. We are still same, though now we call us civilized, and under this pressure of being civilized we pegged social before animal. All the great discoveries (off the record) were made for cynical reasons, and not for some social reasons. To make social discoveries and inventions
you have to be a really great person, which by nature we are not. But to be popular you have to have an social agenda behind your innovation…now you have got two options, first become a great person and then make a social innovation, second, be a normal person, make a capitalist discovery and prove it that it is was social concern which
prompted you for that discovery/invention/innovation, which by far is the easiest way.

This whole world is a part of some or the other kind of pyramid, where you eat (both real and virtual) someone and someone eats you, and still few people wants to prove that socialism is basic property of humanity, bull ****. Some may argue that, its capitalism, due to which we are facing various demons of this modern era, like Global Warming, AIDS,
Poverty and etc etc…I say NO its all because of what so ever amount of socialism percolated in our society. If it would have been (PURE)capitalism, then after creating lots and lots pollution, one would have not bothered to clean it up and would have left the place itself and would have given nature a chance to clean itself, but under socialism, you stick to the place citing social reasons, and try to do the job which you are totally unfit to do. AIDS can only be solved by the arms of capitalism, let the big companies make the vaccines, and then if they dont get ready to give you for cheap, ban them, which
company in its normal mind would like to be out of a nation which have a ever growing population of HIV infected population.

Raam, on the beach of Rameshwaram, tried to be social, wasted his time, and finally resorted to capitalism…Capital Punishment…it worked.
To sum it all, one must use socialism as a tool of capitalism rather than something which is against capitalism. In ice cream analogy, spend some money on ice cream, eat it in front of poor, and inspire them (if any such thing happens) to have that ice cream, inspire them to use this capitalist world and get their very own cup of ice cream.

Ice cream for everyone…


Disclaimer: This post was originally written for Balshree blog




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