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21 Mar

दर्द कोई निचोडूं तो रंग होगा क्या?
लाल तो मेरे लहू का रंग है,
मेरे स्वप्न का रंग होगा क्या?
पीला तो इस माटी का रंग है,
मेरे पसीने का रंग होगा क्या?
नीला तो असमान ने ओढ़ रखा है,
मेरे अरमानो का रंग होगा क्या?
काली तो यह घटाएं है,
इस उद्वेलित मन का भला रंग होगा क्या?
तुम संग होते तो बताते,
तुम संग होते तो साथ रंग मिलाते,
तुम नहीं हो, तो क्या पता,
दर्द कोई निचोडूं तो रंग होगा क्या?


For a dead man

10 Jul

You died young,
but you lived old.
You saw the sun,
from the household.
You cringed in your dreams,
you talked in requiems.
Off the shoot, I feel the same,
I cannot touch you, but I feel the pain…

Cants from the world,
is paining my head.
I love you,
You loved me,
but now you are dead.
All that is alive is without life,
I have placed your photo
alongside your dead wife.

Goodbye, and I know you will never come.
Goodnight as I know you will never see light again.
Good life as you knew you had none to live again.
Goodbye…O! dead man, goodbye.

You will Fall

21 Oct

Bad as one can be, be a bad man,
When there are vices around,
People playing dices around,
Then why are you standing tall,
You will fall, you will fall.

Smile when you feel like killing,
Discriminate, please, humans deserve it all.
Kill, till you become a bereft king of all.
Why are still seeing hope, some scope,
You will fall, you will fall.

Remembering all halcyons,
Even the peaceful feline meows,
And barks of dusk,
Why you shed tears for them now,
You will fall, you will fall.

In your insensate love you should see,
How your muse smile, how she wince,
Feeling of having a trophy around,
Why you despise gold, the precious
You will fall, you will fall.

With you my friend,
In your eyes, I see, what is unseen,
In sight of hope, naïve hope,
The dusk is near,
We will dream, We will dream.

Ever happy singing Girl

14 Sep

Songs, she sung in dim light,

With tears and no delight.

There laid few bodies in calm,

By which she sat beside.


Where can she find her mother?

She has also lost father from sight.

People are running here and there,

She is waiting for a flash in night.


There is some pain, in thighs,

She can not touch it,

Does not know where to find.

And blood is going bit by bit.


Some people looked in her eyes.

There is fear, everywhere,

Where can she find peace,

In her songs or in arms of her mother.


There is vengeance, the never ending one,

There is anger, hungry as ever,

There is you, there is me,

But where is she, the ever happy singing girl.